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May/June 2011
Worth a Thousand Memories: Wedding Photo Booths
Fun for Newlyweds and Their Guests, Photo Booths Go Upscale for Chic, Unique Receptions.

by Jennifer Gabler + photos by Jessica Klick

• • •

When you think of an instant photo booth, many scenes probably come to mind: Old-time movie theaters, a kiosk in the mall, strips of candid pictures pinned on a bulletin board. At the top of that list, though, is the fun of seeing the photos that pop out when friends gather and let their brightest — and sometimes silliest — smiles shine. And what better place to capture the joyful smiles of friends and family than during your wedding reception? Modernized versions of classic photo booths allow couples to do just that by upping the chic factor and adding the convenience of digital photography.

For couples looking to add a bit of the unexpected to their wedding celebration, several local photographers offer fun photo booth options for receptions. Amy and Alan Miller of Funkstown’s photography by suddenflower, llc, began offering the instant photo booth to their repertoire of wedding photography services. “Modern brides are looking for anything that is unique,” says Amy. “We can tailor the backdrop to your wedding theme. There are a lot of options.” Jessica Klick of One17 Photography, who also offers a “photo lounge,” notes that these photo booths are a far cry from the mall kiosks of our youth. “It looks classy and elegant,” Jessica says.

At the wedding reception, guests can walk into to the booth where a camera hooked to a laptop and printer takes three consecutive shots. Two identical strips are printed: One for the guests and another that’s placed in a scrapbook for the wedding couple. “The guests take home one as a favor,” Amy says. After selecting their favorites, Jessica says guests can print two black-and-white photos as mementos for themselves and the couple.

True to the fun of traditional photo booths, these upscale versions help friends and family loosen up a bit. “The activity is like an icebreaker and helps guests to relax,” Amy confirms. “The lounge has always been a lot of fun for everyone,” says Jessica. “It is definitely something people will remember and talk about.” Bride Diana Serafini can attest to that. Though initially skeptical about including the photo lounge at her reception, she knew it was the right choice when, soon after her wedding, she received phone call after phone call from guests saying how much fun they had. She was amazed by the number of guests who thought the booth was a great idea. “Even my 88-year-old aunt had a blast,” Diana says. “It was the best thing we could have had for our guests, and worth the price.” Locally, photo booth rentals cost between $200 and $375 per hour, but the smiling mementos are truly worth a thousand words. And that’s what wedding receptions are all about — creating lasting memories for years to come.

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