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O Christmas Tree

Why Some Folks Do Live Christmas Trees and Why Some Do Artificial. by Arlene Karidis Tim Luipersbeck grew up with live Christmas trees and couldn’t see himself ever letting go of that tradition – until a couple of years ago.

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History and Hospitality in Sharpsburg

Comfort and culinary delights await Antietam battlefield visitors. By Karen Gardner and photos by Turner Photography Studio

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I Believe in Santa Claus

Santa “Bud” Kline Brings the Wonder and Magic of Christmas to Hagerstown Children. By Lisa Gregory and photos by Snips and Snails Photography Virginia may have had her doubts. But the folks in Hagerstown and the surrounding area never have. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and his name is Floyd “Bud” Kline.

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Savannah's House of Horrors

Halloween Fright Comes to Life Year After Year in a Local Family’s Backyard Haunted House By Erin Cunningham and Photography by Turner Photography Studio This Halloween will be the eighth year that James Gelwicks and his daughter, Savannah, 13, of Hagerstown, have turned their backyard into a multi-room, themed haunted house.

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Rock Me–Don't Shake Me

The tragic loss of four-month-old baby Justice propels his family to take action aimed at preventing others from having to experience the same thing.  by Lisa Gregory and by Turner Photography Studio

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When A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way

Hager Rocks connects the community, encourages artistic expression, and random acts of kindness in Washington County and beyond. by Lisa Gregory and photos by Turner Photography Studio

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Hot List 2018

Whatever you’re looking for in and around Washington County, we have the scoop on where to find it. We asked the experts. You voted, HM readers, and we listened.  

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Practice What They Preach

HM gets the skinny from local dietitians who share what they look and shop for. by Arlene Karidis and photos by Turner Photography Studio

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People to Watch 2018

Introducing HM's colorful cast of characters that are positioning themselves to make a positive difference in Hagerstown. by Matt Makowski and Photos by Turner Photography Studio

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Love and Conservation

Local Farms are finding a new cash crop in the form of love by transforming into a backdrop for rustic weddings. photograph by Vincent Ha Photography — Jen Ha “I always wanted to get married locally in a barn.”

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